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Re: A rain band just rolled through

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 5/27/2012, 3:50 pm

Last night on the local news here in Tampa they showed a forecast model that showed Tampa getting over 5 inches of rain from now through early week. Even the on air met said it was just one model. But I would settle for just one inch! 96, 96, and 95 have been our temps for the last 3 days. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Tampa was 99, so this is some hot weather even for us!

To access an image loop like that from the link you posted, look in the top left corner of the radar page and you will see:

Go to: Standard Version

Click on "Standard Version". On the next page, then right click on the image loop to get a menu that will have a way to either view the image or copy the image location. If you have to view the image, then you can copy the location of the image in your address bar. In Firefox you can do "Copy Image Location" and in Google Chrome you can do "Copy Image URL" to easily copy the image address without first having to view the image.

Then you come back to the forum and click "Image" on the bottom right corner of the message box. Then as the "Image URL:" you paste in the image address. Then don't forget to click "Add" to add the image code to the message box.


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