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Re: end of season show archive

Posted by jimw on 12/3/2016, 6:59 am

Good points Chris & I have thought about all of these issues and why NOAA simply will not touch it. I could see the media now "you said Miami was at high risk what happened"? after a season in which Miami was not touched. Or Tampa gets devastated by a hurricane and was not on the list media "NOAA left Tampa off of the high risk list "what happened"? but for someone like a Phil Klotzbach or Joe Bastardi the risk is minimal and the rewards are great. Everyone wants to know where they are going to hit and their needs to be more work on these types of predictions. I always state that a city or cities will be impacted that is not on this list & everyone needs to prepare but if you are in my top 5 there is nearly a 50/50 chance compared to the small percentages of all the other locations. Silly analogy but say you were told you had a 50% chance of being struck by a car crossing this intersection you would look both ways numerous times before crossing. Compared to a lesser traveled intersection you look once & cross.


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