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Re: I am sad to say

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 12/7/2016, 5:56 pm

Wow that tweet went viral. I saw that tweet when it was posted and had a few hundred retweets. There is so much bad science and climate news:

So much uncertainty in what happens next. I hope we can at least keep what we have, I know there will not be increases in things.

And now EPA news:
It doesn't get better.

I don't know how some of my family feels about climate change, but most I think believe in it. Much of my family is in Tennessee and over the year I was surprised so many were Democrats. (Politics were hard to avoid this year.) Among the family I have talked to about climate change, caused by humans, they believe it.

About half of my closest friends are Republicans and half Democrats. We've had some interesting conversations over the years, but those conversations actually remain very friendly. We know we can't change each other's minds on a lot of things. Even years ago when I talked with a Republican friend about climate change, who was talking about how the warming had stalled over the past few decades, I would tell him you have to consider the water warming too. I don't know if minds are ever changed but we can all somehow talk about it usually. Although this year we didn't talk politics mostly. We kind of agreed on that this year.

It's getting harder to avoid talking about climate change. I try to avoid it in the social media for my website because unfortunately it is so polarizing. If people have reasonable rebuttals, great, but when some things are out there that are made-up, that's a real problem that people buy into. I was about to retweet that Weather Channel tweet yesterday, but then I thought I would wait a little longer. I might wait until actual policy is proposed or something recent is said by the head of the incoming administration. Then again with all the recent cabinet picks, it's becoming very clear.


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