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Warm in much of Florida and cold most everywhere else in the lower 48

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 12/19/2016, 8:04 pm

Not unusual of course for it to be warmer here, but this amount of difference is. It was in the low 90s in parts of southern Florida today, mid 80s in much of central Florida. Not all of Florida is so warm. Mid 40s for a high in Pensacola today.

I went to a boat parade downtown last night, walking a few miles around downtown and I was covered in sweat by the end.

Cold Wave Crescendos with a Frigid Weekend:

"One of the sharpest cold fronts in recent years tore across the central and eastern U.S. this past weekend, leaving millions of Americans shivering in its wake. Packing wind chills below -50°F at times, the cold punch was a fitting climax to more than a week of off-and-on chill over large parts of the northern U.S. Extreme temperature contrasts were the norm with this front: for example, noontime readings across Georgia on Sunday ranged from 37°F with rain at Dalton, in the far north, to 83°F at Albany, in the far south."

"Figure 3. In Big Lake, Texas, about 50 miles southeast of Midland, temperatures sank from around 80°F at 4:00 pm CST Saturday to near freezing by 6:00 pm and below 20°F by midnight. Times are shown for a 24-hour clock (15 = 1500 CST = 3:00 pm CST). Image credit: West Texas Mesonet, Texas Tech University."

As for climate news:

Earth on Pace For Its Warmest Year on Record After a 5th Warmest November:

And finally a guest blog post about Hurricane Matthew's impact in Haiti:

"All of this might seem to suggest that nothing can be done, but a few examples of good design stand out. Chief among them is a medical clinic in Port Salut, which was built according to modern design standards and suffered only minor loss of metal roof panels while buildings around it were severely degraded by the storm (Fig. 3). The night-and-day difference in performance indicates that it is possible to build safely in these regions, although adoption of safer practices for traditional building methods used in Haiti remains an ongoing challenge, overwhelmingly due to the lack of economic resources."


In this thread:

Warm in much of Florida and cold most everywhere else in the lower 48 - Chris in Tampa, 12/19/2016, 8:04 pm

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