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Re: Scientists' March on Washington

Posted by anascrecca on 2/18/2017, 10:32 am

Appreciate your point of view, beachlover, but suspension of or ignoring the Rules could lower CaneTalk to the level of an unconstrained, scree-filled internet chat board. Presupposing that all HC board readers are of the same sociopolitical persuasion would be naïve. Below is an email I sent yesterday to Mr. Williams expressing my concerns, with no reply just yet. I'd prefer to stick to the weather, if you please. Or am I alone in this point of view?? What say, Jim?

Email text
The recent thread titled "EPA banned from providing updates" garnered surprising political commentary, none of which has anything to do with hurricanes or weather. Clearly the election results have generated a vast spectrum of emotional response globally. Time and place, however, and, as per the stated Board Rules, I do not think CaneTalk is either.
I was particularly dismayed to see your post mentioning impeachment. I lived in Saudi Arabia for five years and keep up with colleagues and events there; to my knowledge Trump has no business there whatsoever, stated as fact in said post. If you can advise a specific Trump business or investment in the Kingdom, I stand corrected. Otherwise, it smacks of propagating fake news.
Jim, I think Hurricane City does a great service to weather freaks of all flavors. This thread, however, was very disappointing to read, not only in content but in context. Yesterday I posted a reply quoting rhyme and verse about board rules prohibiting politics (I am anascrecca). No reply or response. Hence, this note directly to you. HC is better than this.
Signed, my name


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