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Re: Scientists' March on Washington

Posted by anascrecca on 2/19/2017, 11:16 am

My point is simply that Board Rules no longer appear to be in effect, hurricane season or not, current administration or not.  At this point I am not sure what to think, since the political discourse (if posting of endless, selective hyperlinks is discourse) continues apace with the apparent consent and participation of the administrator. I will decline to be baited into joining this emotional political dialogue (which has, at best, tenuous ties to weather), as it would be hypocritical of me to do so. If political voices really want to be heard, the tiny readership of HC seems a poor choice of venue. I gently suggest dropping a line to your local Representative or Senator. To cypress, I am not posting from NC nor am I dictating board content - the board rules are supposed to do that. Your comment reminds me however that Tim in Wilmington was permanently banned from HC a while back for posting this sort of political nonsense.

PS Chris: That recommended google search (a brilliant idea!): see the Guardian Dec. 9, 2016 headline.

Jim, are you on vacation or what? Your children appear to be squabbling and may be in need of some functional guidance!

And now an actual weather/climate related comment, which might set the cat among the pigeons. Were I back in grad school, I might be tempted to give the following quiz to my Geology 101 students: "Given the fact that earth's climate has changed dramatically and cyclically over geologic time, the question may be posed "is global warming (rising sea level) a good thing or a bad thing? If deemed bad, would then global cooling (falling sea level) and a new ice age be good? Is it indeed presumptuous for us recently-arrived intelligent primates to deem the earth's current thermal regime as 'correct' and should remain forever static? Discuss."


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