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Re: Dr. Rick Knabb returning to TWC

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 3/26/2017, 1:23 pm

Can't you get local news with satellite where you are? My grandmother has satellite, at times DISH or DirecTV, and you can have the local broadcast channels. At least the major ones like NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox and PBS. I don't know if that is standard or if you pay a little extra for that. The negative, when it gets stormy you often lose the signal. I've never considered satellite because we always bundle TV, home phone and internet which is a lot cheaper.

I do miss the radar on TV. We get AccuWeather which replaced TWC but it is very poor. I forget if they have radar. They might, but I don't think it's every 10 minutes. They do have some local forecasts but you have to wait a long time usually. I just turn on the computer.

I don't have a cell phone but that is definitely an easy way to pull up the radar if you have it with internet access.

TWC has radar that looks nicer for TV I guess, but it isn't detailed. I don't like the returns to be rounded, I want to see the raw radar even if it is pixelated. I also like to be able to have it interactive. TWC often shows stuff that isn't reaching the ground and it's hard to tell. They don't have enough colors to show what is really light.


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