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Re: Dr. Rick Knabb returning to TWC

Posted by Beachlover on 3/27/2017, 1:10 am

Yes, Chris, we can get local stations via satellite; that's not the problem.  Besides the stormy weather interruptions you mention, the other main reason we never considered satellite is because  we would not get TWC's "Local on the 8's."  Unless anything has changed, all the "8's" info telecast via satellite is regional and/or national, not local at all.   We also used to depend on TWC's local area radar but, as previously mentioned and as you apparently agree, their radar is now just plain crummy -- way too vague -- whereas it used to be very detailed.   We now pull up our area radar from the NWS at Mobile (or Tallahassee if Mobile is down)  -- again, via -- and most days (other than perfectly clear ones) leave the window open all day on our desktop PC, refreshing and looping as needed.   TWC's Local on the 8's radar was always a little more convenient, as the small TV in our kitchen/dining area is closer to where we live most of the time, rather than in the office/room where the PC resides.    And we still look at  TWC radar now and again, but for the most part it's useless.  (Way more info than anyone wanted, I realize.)
Wow, you don't have a cell phone?   We thought WE were dinosaurs, having only embarrassingly ancient Nokia cell phones (pre-flip!) with no Internet browsing capability whatsoever, and not even a texting plan.  I feel a little better.   LOL  


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