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Three storm chasers killed in crash while tracking tornado

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 3/29/2017, 7:14 am

"The three storm chasers pursued the raging tornadoes for years. When others fled, they drove closer to the spinning winds.

That's what they were doing Tuesday, when their two cars rammed into each other 5 miles west of the Texas city of Spur. All three men died, officials said.

The incident happened when a black Suburban traveling north ran through a stop sign and collided with a Jeep traveling west, according to Sgt. John Gonzalez of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Kelley Gene Williamson, 57, of Cassville, Missouri, was driving the Suburban. The passenger was his friend and fellow storm chaser, Randall Delane Yarnall, 55, also of Cassville.

The Jeep's driver was Corbin Lee Jaeger, 25, of Peoria, Arizona. While he was pursuing the same tornado, it's unclear whether he was with the two men. All three were chasing a tornado in Dickens County, Lt. Bryan Witt said."

Very tragic. With more and more storm chasers there is a lot more traffic near a tornado, with a risk not only from the tornado but also from the traffic made up of those trying to track it. Sadly no matter how careful someone might be, accidents are going to happen.


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Three storm chasers killed in crash while tracking tornado - Chris in Tampa, 3/29/2017, 7:14 am

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