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Re: 3 chasers Killed

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 3/29/2017, 10:56 am

It really is. Obviously you can never be too careful. I can imagine many chasers, especially those who might be by themselves, might be too focused on the tornado and not the road as much, not expecting anyone else to be there. I remember the tornado that killed a few chasers years ago demonstrated how unpredictable the path could be, along with how many chasers there were at that time chasing that particular tornado. They were all around it. Even though some of these chasers were wearing a seat belt, it is reminder not to forget that too if you stop for a moment and then get back in. As for intersections with traffic lights where the power is out, everyone needs to observe it as a stop light. It's incredible there have not been more serious accidents. Usually I think of chasers not being familiar with an area, seeing everything around for mostly the first time, under perhaps the worst conditions. Sometimes there's wide open roads and fields, other times through congested areas in towns and cities. Even if you know the area, such things as debris and flooding could make it unrecognizable. It's a tragic reminder of how dangerous the conditions can be, not only around the tornado itself.


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