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Re: really enjoyed this

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 4/5/2017, 3:16 am

Really informative show, not just about the statistical information Jim explained about the city database, but also about what was mentioned about tornadoes regarding how people would react to tornado warnings that were even more in advance. (something I guess would eventually be considered) One person on the show seems to help forecast for a hotel somewhere. He warned about a tornado well in advance and it eventually was just 1 mile away from the hotel. People complained during the warning and he had to say that the tornado was still coming. It brings up an interesting point where if you warn too early people might get tired of waiting. Also, if it's not a long track tornado, it might end much sooner than when the warning is scheduled to end, putting people under a warning further away more often. Then again if there was a longer lead time in some cases, I guess they would do that more for tornadoes that seemed like they would last that long. Personally, I would want the extra time.

We got a little preview of what Jim is thinking about his city picks too.


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