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Re: P.S.

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 4/19/2017, 7:51 pm

For security, I have redacted your IP address. You should never post that publicly.

It seems like you accessed:

Without the "www." part. The NHC is one of the few sites that requires that. I asked about that many years ago. I think it had to do with how they route traffic to different servers, but I never quite understood why they couldn't do it like other major sites do.

You can also access the site at the link below, with or without the "www", which is why I often try to remember to link to it instead:
It then redirects to

And the IP address seems to be:
It also redirects to

It used to be that leaving off the "www"  would result in never being able to connect to the site. I see they changed that and now it's so much worse. Once you visit the page without the "www" once, it blocks you from being able to view the site, even after using the proper link.

You can use a different browser and you will get the NHC site if you have the "www" using

I was able to replicate the error you got, which is on NOAA's site. At that point I could not get to the NHC site again in that browser. I was about to see if clearing the cache would help, when it started working again. I thought maybe the NHC fixed it, because I could then visit the link without the "www" part and I got redirected for the first time ever. But that might be my ISP or router doing that. I'm not really sure how things like that work. I tested visiting the link again using a service online that takes a screenshot of a page and it got that error.

(has IP address of the screenshot service I used to get that)

However, I tried visiting the NHC site without the "www" on my computer, in different browsers, along with another computer, and it now redirects. Since the error seems to be occurring still, but isn't for me now, I assume either my ISP or router have learned how to handle that site. (at least temporarily)

For now, try visiting the NHC site with the "www" in another browser or use in another browser. Or keep trying in the browser you are, but make sure you don't visit it without the "www" again is using It would be best to try to delete that entry from your browsing history so you don't accidentally visit it again. Maybe bookmark the page with the "www". Maybe it will start working again. If you cleared your cache you would lose all your saved login info and other customizations set using cookies, and it might not work anyway.

If you continue to have issues, you could contact the NHC webmaster:
It might be that they are finally working on the "www" problem. Maybe they will resolve it on their end and it will start working again for you too soon.


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