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I'm having other issues now too at NOAA

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 4/19/2017, 8:05 pm

That doesn't work either for me now. I get the error you had. I tried using a screenshot service like I did with the NHC site and it can get the site. I don't know if I could have got the site before I visited the NHC site without the "www".

It's weird. I can get the NHC site and any page there. I was looking at cypresstx's post about the subtropical depression and the image didn't load and I wondered why. That's how I found I can't access the satellite imagery site.

But not only can I not get it in this browser, other browsers are not allowing me access either. But I can access it in Internet Explorer though without a problem. Very odd.

And now even more odd, visiting:
In Internet Explorer pulls up a directory index listing rather than the proper index.html page it should. Like it did a few minutes before in that browser. When visiting that link this is supposed to be the page loaded:

I think NOAA is working on things. If not better by tomorrow maybe they need to be contacted.


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