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Re: I'm having other issues now too at NOAA

Posted by Beachlover on 4/19/2017, 9:33 pm

Well, though I don't wish trouble on anyone, it's something of a relief to know it's not just me, so thanks for so thoroughly checking into my problem, Chris.

I don't know where you got the idea that I was trying to access the site without the "www"  Not true!  I only have two links to the site -- one in my favorites and one via a tile on the "new tab" window in Firefox, and both use the complete address including http and www.  The only place I left it off was in the name of this thread, for simplicity's sake.   And the error message itself shows the URL I was trying to reach as including the www.

Thank you for redacting the IP addy.  I had apparently mistakenly thought that was the IP addy for the Earthlink server; I figured Earthlink was the "client" they were referring to, not my computer.    Guess I was wrong?  In any event, better safe than sorry;  you're right.

Let's hope these problems are resolved quickly.  We certainly don't need major glitches if we're going to be having early season Atlantic activity.

Thanks again!  You're the best.  


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