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Re: I'm having other issues now too at NOAA

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 4/19/2017, 11:57 pm

I had no trouble accessing the site normally in a browser, but then as soon as I used it without the "www." I couldn't access it again in that browser. I then tried using a service online to test accessing the site and I wasn't forcing it to clear the cache before trying to access the site. Now when I test accessing the NHC site with the cache clear it redirects if you don't use the "www." which is how most sites work. So I don't know what might have caused the initial error. In the past the site has not redirected people who have not used the "www." and now it seems to be. I guess they must be working on things. When I first tried to get the IP address of the NHC's site using a web based tool I found on Google, it gave a list of IP addresses that gave the error you were getting. To manage traffic I think you are sent to one of a variety of different servers to distribute traffic so a single server is not swamped. It might be that sometimes it is directing to a server that isn't doing what is expected. I don't much about computer hardware, just some things about web based software, so I don't know how that part works.

But in testing when visiting without the "www." and getting the error it actually displayed "" on the page with the error. That was one of the reasons I thought you might have left it off, it added that part for me even though that was not the page I visited.

I was trying to access this site:
And couldn't, getting the error you were. Then I cleared my cache and I was able to access it properly again. Then again, it might stop working again. You may not have to clear your cache. It might start working again in a few days.

I wasn't sure which IP it was showing. The message board for security logs IPs and I compared that to what you posted and found it was your IP.


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