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Re: Caribbean?

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 4/20/2017, 8:22 pm

Since you're in southern Florida, I guess you may get luckier this weekend. Nothing organized, just rain. You have a 50% chance of rain at the end of the weekend coming up from the south. Here in Tampa, we have about a 20 to 30% chance.

Other than that, not much for nearly the next two weeks. On May 4th the GFS may have a front coming down which may have a better chance of rain, but that's almost two weeks out. It may or may not happen.


Rain is a thing that used to exist in Florida. Grass and plants are dying and rain chances continue to be rather miniscule. The severe drought continues!

Florida drought:

If we didn't have a massive reservoir (15.5-billion gallons) in the area we would be under watering restrictions. I'm surprised we don't have them already.
Currently have 9.01 billion gallons still.


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