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Re: My Hurricane Season predictions for 2017

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 5/16/2017, 11:08 am

Nice work. I always love the map of city picks, very handy. (On front page below map, click "Jim's city predictions") I don't know much about the NAO, so I don't know how well that works. The method you use is interesting though. Perhaps if there is a large difference between the amount of times the city was affected in a positive phase compared to when it is negative, it might be more important depending on what phase is expected. But I don't know much about it, such as what the forecast is.

For your top 5, a single storm could hit two to three cities in it.

5, 4 and 3
5, 4 (near) and 2

The first instance could happen with a late season storm with a front.

As always, everyone should prepare no matter what. You never want to get caught off guard a few days before a storm might hit thinking about all the things that you should have thought about well ahead. Hurricane guide went out in the newspaper here in Tampa in the last week.

NHC's Hurricane Preparedness page:


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