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Re: NOAA challenged the global warming 'pause.' Now new research says the agency was right.

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 6/2/2017, 9:03 pm

Today EPA administrator Pruitt said global warming has "been on hiatus since the late 1990s". The lies are certainly consistent.


Some people have been ignoring ocean temperatures for years. And air temp has been rising more lately too.

I'm very happy that the current administration is spiraling out of control. I was beginning to wonder about impeachment. Trump doesn't disappoint in that regard. I hope he does try to prevent Comey from testifying. It'll just get added to the list.

By the time we withdraw from the Paris agreement, Trump would be nearly out of office even if he doesn't get impeached by then, so the next President can pick it back up in 2021. A lot of state and local governments along with businesses are going to follow through on climate commitments, so hopefully there will still be quite a bit of reduction in greenhouse gasses. (In the end the biggest fallout might simply be the complete collapse of the US' reputation) I just hope coal miners continue to look for other jobs. Making promises to them about their jobs sticking around only hurts them. I was seeing on the news tonight some of the miners that realize their jobs are on the way out.


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NOAA challenged the global warming 'pause.' Now new research says the agency was right. - Chris in Tampa, 1/5/2017, 9:45 pm

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