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Re: "Potential" tropical cyclones

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 6/20/2017, 8:50 pm

I don't think anyone could have guessed we would have advisories initiated for two potential tropical cyclones, 24 hours apart, in June. I didn't think about it too much, but I probably would have thought we would see it every few years. I guess this gives the NHC the opportunity to not number things that really aren't quite tropical cyclones yet. Something in the middle of the Atlantic that was sloppy wasn't getting upgraded. Something in the Gulf sometimes did previously, despite looking poor, simply because it was nearer to landfall to populated areas. ("organized deep convection" could mean what you want it to mean) Long term I guess it makes sense doing it the new way.

It's also more challenging to pick a featured city with two different landfalling storms at about the same time too. I never really thought about that. Even in the middle of hurricane season you usually don't have two storms nearing landfall around the same time.

It's confusing covering two storms and throw in being early in the season and the new policy on potential tropical cyclones and it's especially confusing. Talking about the potential tropical cyclone would not be enough, because there were two at nearly the same time. On social media you would have to describe where each storm is to reduce confusion. I've been busy working on various things so I've just been re-posting what the NHC has been putting out. They are usually slow about that, but so far they have been doing a much better job at it. (not that social media should be the go to for people, but for some it inevitably is)


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