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Re: NWS Southern Region Tropical Webpage

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 6/23/2017, 1:56 am

It's not just the page itself that is new (two day and five day outlook), everything linked from it is new in the tabs across. A much nicer format putting things all in one place. The old parts of the NOAA site were not very user friendly. The satellite tab has some nice links at the bottom.

Radar page has foreign radars.

The Preparedness tab is really nice:
I'll have to add that to my site when I get a chance. It has county evacuation route maps. Although I see the map to my county has a broken link because the county name is misspelled, but I just sent them an email about that.

The old NOAA site has this format:
A big improvement. Out of interest, I had never seen that link before, but it is a temperature outlook. I was looking for an example of the older NOAA format and saw it.

I got to it after I visited the climate section of my local NOAA forecast office. You can click where you are on the map here to get your forecast office:

Then I clicked "Climate and Past Weather", but that part might differ depending on your forecast office, and at the top of that next page it said:

"As part of its ongoing efforts to improve service to the public, The National Weather Service has released a local 3-month temperature outlook. Access the product for your area here. Please click here to complete the feedback survey."


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