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Question About Relationship Between Barometric Pressure, Wind and Storm Surge in Hurricanes

Posted by Gianmarc on 7/16/2017, 11:49 am

I am trying to better understand how quickly a hurricane's winds speed and storm surge diminishes in response to rising pressure in a weakening hurricane. My understanding is that a hurricane's winds do not instantaneously die down when pressure rises, that the relationship between a hurricane's barometric pressure and its wind speed and accompanying storm surge is a more gradual one in which winds and surge can take hours to respond to fluctuations in the storm's pressure.

For example, though Hurricane Katrina technically was a Category 3 at actual landfall, I believe the storm surge experienced by locations directly in its path was equivalent to that of a much more powerful system, Cat 4 or Cat 5, because the surge Katrina gathered at its peak intensity (Cat 5/175 mph winds) had not had enough time to respond to the system's rising pressure as it approached the northern Gulf Coast.

My question simply is this: Do I have all of this correct? If not, I am all ears!


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