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All-time record high temperatures could be tied or exceeded midweek in Pacific NW

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 7/31/2017, 8:24 pm

Bob Henson's blog:

"One of the hottest weeks in decades is on tap for the Pacific Northwest. Excessive heat watches and warnings are in place from northern California to southern Washington. The intense heat will team up with gusty winds and a parched landscape to exacerbate the wildfire threat, especially later in the week, as dry thunderstorms may begin to enter the picture."

"Olympia, WA
All-time high: 104°F, most recently on July 29, 2009 (records begin in 1948)
Forecast high for Thursday:  106°F

Portland, OR
All-time high: 107°F, most recently on August 10, 1981 (records begin in 1940)
Forecast high for Thursday:  107°F

Eugene, OR
All-time high: 109°F on August 9, 1981 (records begin in 1912)
Forecast high for Wednesday:  110°F"

"Salt Lake City and Miami: Hottest month in history"

"As of Saturday, July 29, the monthly average in Salt Lake City was 85.4°F. That's more than a degree above the previous record for any month of 84.1°F (July 2013). The monthly average could drop by 0.1°F or 0.2°F once Sunday and Monday are factored in, but we can consider the record safely shattered."

"In Miami, the average temperature through Saturday was 85.9°F, compared to the previous record for any month of 85.5°F (June 2010). The final reading is likely to drop by no more than 0.1°F. National Hurricane Center forecast Eric Blake ((at)EricBlake12) pointed out the sheer insufferability of the past month's heat in Miami: 'This July has had as many days with a low > 80°F as the last 5 Julys combined!'"


Article from Weather Channel about heat:


In this thread:

All-time record high temperatures could be tied or exceeded midweek in Pacific NW - Chris in Tampa, 7/31/2017, 8:24 pm

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