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Re: Jim has suspended tropical update videos (other than for hurricanes threatening land)

Posted by BobbiStorm on 8/1/2017, 4:13 pm

Social medias come and go from Palm Beach Post tropical message board to AOL to Myspace to Facebook ... Twitter...Snapchat......etc. Not everyone is trying to get "clicks" though there's so much Click Bait out there that I'll never ever click to see what someone looks like 40 years later. I'm pretty sure they bad... or better than expected but older. The younger kids barely pay attention just saying "click bait" and that's the truth.

Some of us like talking about waves, swirls snow possibilities and other weather topics we would rather discuss than who was fired or hired or fired at the White House. In today's world worrying on Korea and Nukes, high crime and whether the Stock Market will keep climbing or... weather is fun to talk about. And, I've made good friends a long the way. Snapchat I mostly save for family and believe it or not it's my number one way of talking with my kids on a daily basis. Sharing more than "talking" I suppose. We travel a lot and I know what they are eating, what the weather is like and what they are wearing the moment I go on Snapchat. Side note I use Snapchat filters to tell me the temperature often. Not everything new is stupid or pathetic and I hear that from a lot of my friends who think Facebook is all that and make fun of anyone using Pinterest, Instagram or Snap or whatever is after Snap.

And I get it's easier to do a fast Facebook Live than older ways of doing things. Easy to laugh that off but it works and it's easy but it is different. I used to get annoyed with John Morales, just my thing he annoys me on Twitter. He's very into it. He's very well respected. WE got into a discussion last year regarding Matthew and he told me to watch his update. This was minutes before he was live on air. When he came back I said I couldn't and maybe he could give me Cliff Notes. I explained I am not "home" in Miami ... does he have a video maybe. Gotta give him credit, he did one of the best Facebook Lives I've ever seen in his office (at home?) using  minimal equipment and showing his monitors. And oddly in Facebook Live he came across as very genuine and real and nice... he's better going long than using 140 characters.  I found a new respect for him, I'll admit it ... he's good. But better actually in a long format than the few minutes he is allowed on the nightly news.

I'm a writer and as we all know I go long. Actually trying to fit my thoughts into 140 characters has made me a better editor ... a better writer when I do not wish to go long.

So what does this have to do with Jim and everyone here?

I love this board, though it's been quiet lately like the tropics... that have been mostly dead with a few quasi named storms and as I always say the NHC has the final word so yeah.. Cindy (which Jim defends) and Don that looked more like a dot than a TS.

But we are not even at Mid August when things ramp up and MANY years with big impacting storms we did not have Hurricanes until waves rolled off of Africa in late August. We all know that. Yes, storms form from Upper Level Lows such as Beth in 1971 or Danny from a frontal boundary draped in the GOM in 1997 but most of us look towards Cabo Verde Waves. See everything change you can't write CV waves anymore...

Truth is Jim has always provided a voice in the heart of the Hurricane Season with a vast knowledge of hurricane history from the view point of specific storms, geography and general tropical meteorological knowledge that most kids online getting a PHD don't yet possess.  And just as Jim is not Levi Cowan neither is Levi Cowan ... Jim. A lot of young guns out there doing videos trying to get jobs at the NWS or NHC. Do any of you realize how hard it is to get a job even with a Masters Degree in Meteorology at any of those places. Yes, I know some do know. When a job opening is posted they are flooded with candidates. It's not easy to get a job even with the degree and the on air early social media presence helps some of them. They aren't all egotistical twits looking for people to click on their Tweets. Okay... some probably are..... but so what it's not like Palm Beach Post didn't have spamming high school kids or old retired bored people making trouble. You knew early on to read Michael Watkins vs XXCYCONECAT5LANDFALLXX ... AOL had it's share of nonsense and Lord knows we've had it here at Cane Talk that is hosted by Jim's site And the cost of operating HurricaneCity is not cheap ...not as cheap as a free blog or a variety of free names on Twitter or Youtube video.

Jim you really do provide so many with so much and get so little in return. And, you work way harder than most of us physically speaking though I know there is much mental work that goes in and you are a perfectionist (do NOT argue that) so I get in this new culture of naming storms and killing them off within 24 hours with no real rhyme or reason other than they can... makes it hard to keep up.

I love watching every wave ... writing my blog and interacting online and when I saw they were going to name the Invest I said "CRAP! And threw a pen I was holding across the room" and many here I'm sure had that feeling. I mean seriously TAMPA BAY with the WORST thunderstorms practically anywhere in the world was NOT in danger of any REAL impacts from "Emily"  and though I was kind of tipped off it was going down I was annoyed. I was halfway thru a blog post waiting for the 8 AM and then....and then..................and then........ Not the same as doing a video but trust me I was annoyed and I wasn't having fun. And I do the blog for fun...and to educate people about Hurricane History as well as to entertain. I have never added a button and I don't have ads on it and never asked for one penny, yet I can use it as a resume of sorts for my ability to put out product and I have done that. Maybe I'm crazy... but it's what I do. It's my "business card" and my diary.

WE here and many not here look forward to your thoughts Jim and your wisdom. And you are more a speaker than a writer ...though you write damn well even if you have to edit spelling. And I do that and I am not editing this or checking the spelling as I feel like this is family.

So I write long..... many of you read my thoughts at which I started when everyone here on canetalk was arguing and Jim was threatening to shut it down. There was no censor on my thoughts in my own blog.

And I as well as many here want your thoughts and if you aren't going to blog... then we need videos or Facebook Live or whatever floats your boat and saves you time and money. That's my thought, but I get it I really do.

As for the rest of you....  don't be old fogies :)

Twitter is the easiest of social media if you don't get sucked in to stupid arguments ...

You make a name, you verify it... you find what you want to know from Marlins scores to weather or politics... it's not Facebook you don't have to friend Aunt Martha and you never have to post or tweet anything ever. If you don't want to don't and most of you probably do not want to see what your kids or grandkids are doing on Snapchat (it's not for the faint of heart) nor will they let you but it was interesting to see kids doing Snaps on Hurricane Matthew last year.

Jim in this ever changing world online you have been a voice always worth listening to and you are extremely appreciated and respected. There is no one like you. So it would be sad if you stop doing what you have been doing. Time and money permitting and .......if we get some real development in the Atlantic as in Hurricanes and cones that scare the heck out of many of the people who are here who are looking for your wise voice of reasoning.

Thanks for reading this... sorry to go long but it is who I am and it's a complex issue and I've known you a long time so I am being me.

Besos Bobbi


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