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Re: Jim has suspended tropical update videos (other than for hurricanes threatening land)

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 8/4/2017, 9:56 pm

I never post on Twitter or Facebook if a system is weakening. I try to only post when something is strengthening, watches/warnings issued, rainfall projections, interesting recon and landfall. Lately since the NHC has gotten good at social media, I just re-tweet or share what they post. Then throughout the year I'll post anything I happen to run across that is interesting related to weather or preparedness.

On CaneTalk I'll post actual wind speeds and the time of the advisory, but I don't usually post exact numbers on wind speed on other social media, even with the time. (unless I am watching the storm constantly and plan on actually posting the next advisory numbers too) I might post it is now a depression, tropical storm, hurricane and major hurricane, but not the actual wind speed of the current advisory so that I have to keep updating. If I say it is strengthening, that works going from 75 to 80mph, or if I am not paying attention, it goes to 110mph. It is still strengthening. I don't feel like I missed anything. I might give the time, the current category and that it continues to strengthen, then maybe I'll update if it goes to the next category. If something weakens and then starts to strengthen, I'll say it has once again started to strengthen.

I don't like to talk about a weakening storm. Then if it strengthens back, and I miss it, and it is near land, I feel like I misled people. I never intended to post about storm changes much on Twitter and Facebook, but then I started. Even though I don't have a lot of followers, I don't want to have out of date information when it comes to weakening. I'd rather leave the old post about strengthening. It allows me to not have to worry about not checking in every moment, 24 hours a day.

I just avoid talking about model runs and storms that have yet to develop on Twitter and Facebook. I'll talk about it here, but it often needs more than a short little blurb. I can post lots of links and that just doesn't work well on Twitter. On Facebook only a little bit of the first start of something is shown, so even there someone only gets a little bit of what you post. You have to click for more.

I do think Twitter and Facebook is a great way to share your videos. I would consider reducing posting if you need and not getting rid of Twitter and Facebook entirely. When I don't post on social media, people don't get anything in their feed from me. So it's not like I'm telling them there is nothing out there. So I don't feel the obligation as much.


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