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Re: Pensacola

Posted by Beachlover on 9/10/2017, 9:31 pm

Well, Pretty, unless things change (and we're working on it), you wouldn't be able to "own" a house on  Pensacola Bach anyway.   Everything out here is on long term (usually 99 year) leases -- and that includes land and building(s), and that's even though  you would pay the prior leaseholder more money than you'd pay for the same square footage with full ownership on the mainland,  just for a "leasehold interest."  And even though the houses/buildings were built by the leaseholders, the county actually owns everything.  It's archaic and just wrong, especially as we're now paying property taxes even though we don't own the property.  
So, in an effort led by the county commissioner who represents the beach, we're right in the middle of a major effort to change the form of ownership of the leaseholds to fee simple title, but we're being beaten into the ground by a group of seriously misguided, rather paranoid county citizens who are terrified that the change from lease to ownership of the properties (NOT impinging on the beaches themselves) will turn Pensacola Beach into a high rise, condo tower town like Destin or Panama City Beach.    Nothing could be farther from the truth -- lease vs ownership does NOT change zoning --  and in fact the legislation currently being considered to get this done has more protections for the public lands and accesses than the citizens have enjoyed since leasing started in 1947.  But these people are RELENTLESS in their worst-case, mythic scenarios, and it's just appalling, almost impossible to fight continuing falsehoods and misrepresentations.  
SO SORRY, shouldn't have let myself get started.    Really, really OT and Jim would kill me.    Anyway, I guess you can be doubly glad not to be planning to buy out here.


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