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Re: Please check in after Irma The Goddes of War paid a visit.

Posted by jerzeegirl on 9/13/2017, 2:55 pm

I was in Sarasota during the storm and it appears that the Calusas continue to protect this area (or so goes the legend).  

We had no damage to our house.  Our neighbor who is out of town for the summer, has a concrete block house.  SInce we had to install his storm shutters for him, we decided to stay there.  We could see out house throughout the whole ordeal.  The landscaping and garage lights, which we left on, never went off.  We have five giant pines surrounding out house and those worried me.  We have a lot of new growth branches with pinecones to clean up but the trees did really well.  There is a Royal Poinciana at least 50 feet high at the end of our street that is lying on its side.  It had a very shallow root base and toppled over with all the landscaping at the base of the tree intact. People are coming from miles around to have a peek at it.  There was a house on the next street that has a tree from the neighbor's yard piercing the ceiling of its living room.  A giant oak across from them also came down.  I am now wondering if that had something to do with tornado activity since all the really bad damage was on that street corner.   We never lost cable TV or electricity at our house throughout the storm but we consider ourselves quite fortunate because many of our neighbors did lose power.  We have invited some of our powerless friends over.  They bring the food that is defrosting from their freezers and we make them dinner.  

Just an observation about weathering the storm....I wasn't that frightened during the worst of the storm but the sound of the wind constantly blowing was really messing with my mind.  It made me jumpy and restless in an uncomfortable kind of way.  I was playing continuous rounds of computer solitaire to keep my mind off what was going on outside.  About 12:30 AM, there was a period of calm and I could hear a chorus of tree frogs beginning to sing again and at that moment I knew that the storm was almost over.  


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Please check in after Irma The Goddes of War paid a visit. - 327hanna, 9/12/2017, 10:52 am

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