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Coyote UAV flew into Maria's eyewall on Friday

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 9/22/2017, 11:37 pm

From 8pm AST NHC public advisory:

"A Coyote unmanned aerial vehicle launched from a NOAA hurricane hunter plane successfully sampled the eyewall of Maria."

From 11pm AST NHC discussion:

"A NOAA Hurricane Hunter plane and the Coyote unmanned aerial vehicle
launched from the NOAA plane have sampled the eye and the
surroundings of Maria early this evening."

It might be some time before I get this data into the recon system in real time. First I will work on adding it manually. (I had to force it by changing the header slightly as noted below)

I don't know for sure, but I don't think this data is available anywhere else other than my site and HurricaneCity. They had a folder for this HDOB data in 2015 on the site I get radar data from. And in 2016 they did some testing. Last month they added some data from a flight of the UAV and Friday's data appeared in real time. So I'll work on adding this into the recon system in real time.

Path from 5:05pm to 5:44pm AST Friday of Coyote UAV launched by NOAA hurricane hunters's in Maria's eyewall:

Path of NOAA P-3 at the time:

They stay nearby to communicate with it I believe.

You can view the Coyote UAV data on the web and mapped in Cesium or Google Earth here:

Raw Coyote HDOBs had to be modified from "Coyote UAV" to "NOAA2 WX15A MARIA" in order to appear in the recon system.

Raw HDOBs from Coyote UAV do not yet appear in real time in the recon system.

Icon denoting Coyote UAV in image is default icon. I have not yet created an icon for Coyote. NOAA P-3 icon is in mapping data for it in the recon system.

Radar scan from images is from NOAA hurricane hunters aircraft's lower fuselage radar at 5:29pm AST Friday. (Credit: NOAA-AOC)

Radar loop below is from 1:33pm to 8:59pm AST on Friday, September 22nd, 2017 from non-tasked mission WA into Hurricane Maria by the NOAA hurricane hunters. (WA indicates first research mission into this storm. WB would be used if a second research mission was conducted.) This radar loop is from the lower fuselage radar on one of NOAA's WP-3D Orion aircraft, N42RF ("Kermit"). The white line is the September 22nd 5pm AST track from the National Hurricane Center. Credit: NOAA-AOC (NOAA Aircraft Operations Center)


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Coyote UAV flew into Maria's eyewall on Friday - Chris in Tampa, 9/22/2017, 11:37 pm

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