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Posted by cypresstx on 10/1/2017, 3:59 am

- From metro San Juan (Condado) area

   By David Garcia <englishlabpr at>
   Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2017 20:30:22 -0400

Supplies are starting to move and some electricity in metro San Juan area restored, but still a ways to go. Gas and store lines seemed a bit lower today. Debris and garbage getting picked up. Cell and Internet getting better. Yesterday the governor repealed the dry law and extended the curfew from 7pm to 9pm. Although the metro San Juan area seems to be shaping up, I know the interior of the island will take a lot longer to get the same kind of attention.
- Re: Maria Aftermath

   By carlos enrique viera-tirado <vierace at>
   Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2017 20:23:49 +0000 (UTC)

Hi Gert;
Thanks for your concern. As I am in Florida, but my family and friends are in Puerto Rico, I has been using social media to know about everyone whereabouts. Most of them, including my 3 boys are ok (Thanks to God!). However, others are MIA, not knowing anything at all. Just praying they will communicates a.s.a.p.

As you and all World knows, Puerto Rico has been obliterated by Maria. As a 110 miles by 36 miles rock in the Caribbean, this "beast" dropped a destructive force no one expected. Yes, people were notified about the expected scenario, but what to do about it? People did what they could do after Irma, including helping and assisting our fellow islanders on the Leeward Island impacted by Irma. But it was too much. Just watching videos, pictures and reading about the horrors of the aftermath has been too much for me.

Now, as the Island is "under renovation" (a nice way to say it...), my expectation is that all people together, meaning all help and assistance provided by the USA and other countries, AND the people of Puerto Rico works together as a team, trusting each other, helping your neighbor, and moves forward on a short and long term. Also, for this and next generation of all living on a hurricane-prone location, to be proactive and ready for all future hurricane season. Ain't easy...I know...I survived Hugo, Georges, Eloiza, and many of the tropical/hurricane systems "visiting our Islands".

To you, thanks for all your time and dedication on helping and assisting us with your website. I owned you a big one...Godspeed!

Kind Regards, Carlos

- Vieques

   By Valerie Mcdyer <vmcdyer at>
   Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2017 14:56:46 -0400

From Valerie Mc Dyer
Sent from my iPhone

Vieques was hit badly. On Tuesday night 18th the winds were whipping around by 6 pm so we moved down to our more sheltered bottom floor. We got one dog in but the other one would not budge. Sleep was fitful, we could hear objects crashing all around the house. At 4am we ran to the bathroom and hunkered down intil 9am, when the winds died a little The eye crossed Vieques at Green Beach, on the western end. Winds of 168mph were recorded. There were trees down everywhere. Power lines were torn down and transformers littered the roads. We had no water, power, cell signal, money as the bank was closed, and ferries and planes had stopped running, so Vieques was literally cut off from the world. Many wooden homes were destroyed and their contents spread all around. Next day we ventured out to Esperanza on the south shore and the destruction there was shocking! The sea rose so high as to completely cover the road with a layer of sand, and all of the businesses along the road had sustained serious damage.

More to come.

Val Mc Dyer from Vieques

- After Maria reports from Culebra

   By MJ <caribemj at>
   Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2017 14:13:08 -0700

Hi! I don't know if and/or when the correspondents actually ON Culebra will write in but I'm culling some reports of what is going on now from Facebook friends who manage to get online. By going to the top of a hill and getting signal from St. Thomas!

From Molly Surrena:
This island is incredible! Great positive vibes and spirit! Police, electric company,water company and public works have been working tirelessly. We are all ok and ready to rebuild and care for our island! Culebra Strong!

From Heather Cooke:

From Heather Cooke, a resident of Culebra:
Hi all. Cool news-Marine Osprey was here yesterday dropping off some military folks. Now that's an impressive piece of machinery. We had a community meeting last night and here's the good news: 1. Our water system is intact (so when water comes, we rock). 2. Fantastic public workers have restored 75% of the electric grid. 3. Our roads and yards are being cleared by workers and each other which gives a feel of normalcy. The bad news: 1. given the damage on Vieques and PR (power goes from PR to Vieques to us), we are expected to be on the island generator, rationing power, for 4-6 months. 2. Running water has been temporarily halted while we stockpile and in general, figure out a solution. We live off donations, cisterns and rainwater, and an "oasis" in town where you can come fill up with potable water. Keeps people from wasting but that is rough as the timeframe could be similar 3. No word on cell or internet service, all depends on the mainland. Mom keeps telling me how many of you have been reaching out wanting to help which is so touching. I won't lie we have real concerns here and you don't know how much your support means to us. I only wish we had enough internet connection to read posts and communicate more. Please do NOT send anything by mail until you hear from us. Mail MAY start coming into the mainland mid next week; they say nothing of when we will see it. I fear things will be lost. So this is a bigger mess than T and I was expecting but we have faith. Contact your local representatives and push for the removal of the Jones Act and for PR and the USVI not to be forgotten. The more workers the US can send, the faster our recovery. To talk to us, T and I receive texts and can usually make calls but remember that's a once a day trip across the island to the spot where it's receivable. So that's that. Got a lot of processing to do here and before you suggest it, no we aren't and can't "just leave". This is our home and community. It's early still and there's much to do. Xo all.

There might be some repeats here, sorry! The gist of the rest is, still no phone service. Still no ferries. But water and MRE's are being delivered by the National Guard. The island generator is on for half the day, so some power is available. There is power at the clinic.

The bank is open and cash can be gotten, but it all is having to be done manually. Bless them.

The markets are open, with limited supplies.

The Post Office is still not open, Vieques and Culebra are both closed still. Someone said something about Wednesday and the list of open ones grow so hopefully we'll be soon next!

No flights are coming into Culebra commercially, from what I gather from my own attempts to get home, until the 15th. I really hope that changes sooner than later.

There is still a curfew but the hours are longer now. Alcohol sales are back on, or so I heard!

Can't wait to get home!


"Being good and kind, that will carry you through the world." ~ Alvin, gardener at Biras Creek

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