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Nate is to the right of where it should be based on recon

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 10/6/2017, 7:43 am

Air Force through 7:21am EDT.
NOAA through 7:19am EDT.

Previous Air Force recon mission vortex plotted. (1000mb)

Air Force vortex at 7:09am EDT:

URNT12 KNHC 061124
A. 06/11:09:20Z
B. 17 deg 36 min N
 084 deg 39 min W
C. 850 mb 1388 m
D. 36 kt
E. 294 deg 55 nm
F. 015 deg 30 kt
G. 294 deg 54 nm
H. 997 mb
I. 16 C / 1524 m
J. 18 C / 1525 m
K. 8 C / NA
N. 1345 / 08
O. 0.02 / 6 nm
P. AF308 0516A NATE               OB 08
MAX OUTBOUND AND MAX FL WIND 52 KT 132 / 34 NM 11:20:30Z

Product: Air Force Vortex Message (URNT12 KNHC)
Transmitted: 6th day of the month at 11:24Z
Agency: United States Air Force
Aircraft: Lockheed WC-130J Hercules with reg. number AF98-5308
Storm Number & Year: 16 in 2017
Storm Name: Nate (flight in the North Atlantic basin)
Mission Number: 5
Observation Number: 08
A. Time of Center Fix: 6th day of the month at 11:09:20Z
B. Center Fix Coordinates: 17°36'N 84°39'W (17.6N 84.65W)
B. Center Fix Location: 234 statute miles (377 km) to the E (88°) from Belize City, Belize.
C. Minimum Height at Standard Level: 1,388m (4,554ft) at 850mb
D. Estimated (by SFMR or visually) Maximum Surface Wind Inbound: 36kts (~ 41.4mph)
E. Location of the Estimated Maximum Surface Wind Inbound: 55 nautical miles (63 statute miles) to the WNW (294°) of center fix
F. Maximum Flight Level Wind Inbound: From 15° at 30kts (From the NNE at ~ 34.5mph)
G. Location of Maximum Flight Level Wind Inbound: 54 nautical miles (62 statute miles) to the WNW (294°) of center fix
H. Minimum Sea Level Pressure: 997mb (29.44 inHg)
I. Maximum Flight Level Temp & Pressure Altitude Outside Eye: 16°C (61°F) at a pressure alt. of 1,524m (5,000ft)
J. Maximum Flight Level Temp & Pressure Altitude Inside Eye: 18°C (64°F) at a pressure alt. of 1,525m (5,003ft)
K. Dewpoint Temp (collected at same location as temp inside eye): 8°C (46°F)
K. Sea Surface Temp (collected at same location as temp inside eye): Not Available
L. Eye Character: Not Available
M. Eye Shape: Not Available
N. Fix Determined By: Penetration, Wind, Pressure and Temperature
N. Fix Levels (sfc and flt lvl centers are within 5nm of each other): Surface and 850mb
O. Navigational Fix Accuracy: 0.02 nautical miles
O. Meteorological Accuracy: 6 nautical miles

Remarks Section:
Maximum Outbound and Flight Level Wind: 52kts (~ 59.8mph) which was observed 34 nautical miles (39 statute miles) to the SE (132°) from the flight level center at 11:20:30Z
Dropsonde Surface Wind at Center: From 360° at 3kts (From the N at 3mph)


In this thread:

4:00 AM CDT Fri Oct 6 - 16.9 N 85.1 W, NNW at 14 mph, 999 mb, 45 mph - cypresstx, 10/6/2017, 4:48 am

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