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Re: a big kudos to

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 10/21/2017, 7:55 pm

I saw a report on the news yesterday of someone in the USVI needing a tarp for their roof. She still lives in her house but half the roof is off so when it rains, it rains in half her house. She signed up for the program to get the blue tarps. Nothing in the past month. A news crew tried to see why. They found hundreds, if not thousands, of tarps sitting behind a fence somewhere from the government. I think they tracked down the military and due to bureaucracy there was nothing they could do. In this particular instance, the news crew connected her with a charity and they put one on.

The death toll is rising not only due to finding people who died during the storm, but due to various preventable diseases now too. Also, in one of the links Cypress posted, it talks about some deaths in Puerto Rico not being reported as due to the hurricane even though it was very likely a factor.

There was a report on the news tonight about schools in Puerto Rico. Some will be opening again next week I think they said, but who knows when most will open. Some are destroyed and some are being used for shelters. And you would need power and transportation to school. I don't know how kids could focus on learning when everything else is going on, even when some do open.

The long term impacts of this storm will be felt for a very long time. It will take many, many months just to get to a comparable point that took other disaster areas weeks. From reading more about the power problems, I guess some of the main transmission lines to San Juan got knocked out and it's a mess. They have to put up some new large towers. I hope at this point they have more people working on it than they did. I'm not sure how many people are dedicated to restoring power.

I don't know what is with the power numbers on Puerto Rico's website. It's been bouncing all over the place. In the past ten days it was up to around 15%. Sometimes around half that. Yesterday evening it was 12.33%. Today it is 20.22%. I don't know how real those numbers are.


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