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Checking in

Posted by ricksterpr on 10/28/2017, 10:20 pm

Hi all!

After my last post we lost cellular data....that was on the 20th of sept.

Winds were really intense and I hope I never see them again.

No real losses for me, apart from a fallen palm tree in my front yard, and a few palms that destroyed about 40 feet of my perimeter cyclone fence.  I had tied down my 21' cc Everglades Center Console for Irma, and no lossess there.  It withstood all that Maria threw her way in the Fajardo area.  

As winds started calming down, we started to open our way out of our street.  Burned my Jeep's winch moving fallen trees.  It took us 4 hours to clear a lane of about 200feet long.  It was as if a bomb had fallen on Puerto Rico.  All trees down,  no power (I am without power since Irma),no water, no nothing for about a week.  A crazy scene -the whole Island destroyed.

4 and 6 hours wait at gas stations in order to get $30 bucks worth of gas.  I decided I would not leave home for a week, since I had a week's worth of gas for my gen set.

After a week, the nearby gas station had a manageable 1hour wait, so I started to hit the road.

Cell and data came back to my area last week.  You can still see cars parked in the emergency lanes of the expressways, and you know why- there is cel signal there.

Words make no justice to what I have seen.  Every home near a river or creek was flooded.  I have seen mud lines inside homes at 7 and 8 feet height.  All wood homes are gone, or at least the roofs and some walls.  

We had a Katrina like situation in which peope had to go to tne roofs of their homes to avoid drowing.  And this happened in the north part of the island (Toa Baja)as well as in the southwest (Yauco).  Guajataca dam was about the break its levee, Corps of Engineers did some repairs.

I am an independent claims adjuster, so I have been very busy since the storm passed.  As of now, still with no power.  Water is a draw of luck, sometimes we have,  most of the times we don,t (I think someone is stealing the diesel from the water authorty's power generator),

Sorry I could not post before.

I appreciate all the good thoughts and karma  you all sent our way during the storm, and are still sending.  It will take a long time to recover.


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Checking in - ricksterpr, 10/28/2017, 10:20 pm

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