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Re: Everyone should get a flu shot

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 1/31/2018, 9:11 pm

I do the same thing in bathrooms to open the door. If they have an air drier only, I'll use toilet tissue. When opening any door I can just push, I'll use the back of my hand if I can.

I didn't used to use the wipes at grocery stores, but my dad just started and I will too when they have them.

I wear glasses so a lot of times I'm readjusting my glasses. I guess I should try to be aware of that. I might touch them, wash my hands and touch them again.

I heard you have to take Tamiflu early on when you get the flu. I don't know what effectiveness it would have if you started later. I'm not sure if I've ever had the flu. The sickest I've ever been would have been this last time and a little over a decade ago, but both times it was something bacterial, not viral. If I have ever had the flu, it would not have been very bad because other than those two times I don't think I've had a temperature over 101. (not that it has to come with a really high temp)

With so many people getting sick, it's kind of hard to avoid someone who is sick. You just have to try to keep your hands washed and maybe try to avoid being really close to people. Nearly every night they have a story on the news about the flu. I've learned a lot about it. It's easier to spread than I thought. It is worse this year, with more deaths.

I haven't been getting a flu shot very long. Maybe 3 or 4 years. I'll always get one now. I got mine in late August I think. Unless you have a really rare allergy, there's no downside. And it's probably free with insurance. This year it might be around 30% effective, but they did say it can help make it not as bad if you do get the flu.

People who are sick need to not go to work or school. Of course you can be contagious before you realize it. It can be hard to tell sometimes if you are getting sick or maybe if it's just an allergy.


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