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GFDL model has been retired

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 6/18/2017, 12:31 pm

The GFDL will be replaced by the HMON. (Hurricane Multi-scale Ocean-coupled Non-hydrostatic model)

BAM models are also gone. Rather than BAMS, BAMM and BAMD there is now TABS, TABM and TABD.

LBAR is also gone.

This explains some of the reasons why the GFDL is gone:

I don't see HMON yet in the ATCF system. Perhaps it might be later in the month or the first part of July before it appears there. The GFDL is gone from model data on the invests, but HMON isn't there yet.

Model data at HurricaneCity:

I am updating model information in the model system:
It might take several days before the new model information appears. (like any changes to consensus models) I still have a lot to go through and need to decide what info I want to include. I don't have a complete list of new models but I do have a lot of the information from the updated NHC site on model data:

The main model name file (nhc_techlist.dat) hasn't been updated yet for this year in the ATCF system:
So there is at least one model I don't have the name for yet. (but I haven't searched around yet)

In looking through things I see that the NHC model page uses a table (Table 1) from this PDF file (page 28):

It has some interesting things, such as this about the TAB models (TABS, TABM and TABD) on page 25, which I took a screenshot of:

If I find other interesting model related stuff I'll post it. I'm kind of checking a bit of the NHC info in the tables. I found one misspelling so far, someone's name should be Tiedtke rather than Tiedke for the EMX Convective Scheme Intensity Model Predictors in first image. Minor error, but I might let them know.


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GFDL model has been retired - Chris in Tampa, 6/18/2017, 12:31 pm

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