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Re: Don't forget Florida

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 1/4/2018, 2:01 am

I bought a portable heater a couple days ago. Too hard to heat the whole house comfortably, easier just to heat a single room. Tampa could get around freezing, which hasn't happened since January 13th, 2010. The entire area is seeing colder weather than what was forecast right now. A few counties north of me in Brooksville the temp wasn't supposed to hit 32 until 3am. It was 26 at 1am. That's a notorious cold spot, but even Tampa is running four degrees colder than the forecast for 1am. Low tonight forecast to be 37 at Tampa International. 36 and then 34 for the lows for the next two days.

Last time it was 60 or above it was before 10am on the 1st. May not see it again until the 7th. (forecast high for the 6th is 59, so we get close on that day) That's a really long cold stretch for here. I'm not complaining, really, I look at the weather up north and simply can't imagine weather that cold. (Although the people out in Times Square for New Year's, everyone there was a little nuts!)

Too far south for snow here in Tampa. The next time a freeze kills lots of my plants, it better come with a few flakes of snow. Then there would at least be one thing that's okay out of it. My plumeria (what you can make Hawaiian leis out of) start dying at 32, but I have so many in my yard already I can't even give them away fast enough.

There are a lot of crops in this area that can have some big losses with the freezing temps. Fruit, vegetables and even tropical fish got hit last time. I bet the sprinklers are going trying to protect them tonight.


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