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Re: Jim has suspended tropical update videos (other than for hurricanes threatening land)

Posted by Chris in Tampa on 7/31/2017, 7:52 pm

I usually only focus on the important things on Twitter. Sometimes I used to post when an invest forms, but those happen way too often. I'll usually now just do it when a depression/storm forms, watches/warnings and for interesting recon. I completely missed this storm. No recon and nothing had formed at 5am, so I didn't post anything. Then I got busy chasing a beeping sound in the house and after a few hours found it was the battery in the garage that powers the phone/cable box so that you get phone service for up to 8 hours when the power goes out. After that and calling them to get a new one, forgot about checking back in on the invest.

There is a negative side of other people on social media, hyping everything, so it's nice to have reasonable voices out there like yours. It's way too easy for people to post something outrageous just to get a lot of shares. Video updates are great, but you do put a lot of work into them. Unfortunately something really outrageous in 140 characters is always going to get so many more views and somehow people still keep following people like that. People shouldn't get credit for being right once out of maybe dozens of times, but some people still do for some reason.

Powerful storms are obviously more important anyway. This one ripped off some roofs, damaged some boats and probably did a bit of fresh water flooding, but honestly not too much more than some of our more powerful thunderstorms. Video updates on the powerful landfalling storms are better. And since this one was so fast, lightning speed, people wouldn't have had a lot of time to view the video update.

In other news, I see you got a top 20 pick, Sarasota. Still just under a month and a half though to the season's peak, so we're just getting started.


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Jim has suspended tropical update videos (other than for hurricanes threatening land) - Chris in Tampa, 7/31/2017, 6:05 pm

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